Stone Accents

Stone accents are a beautiful way to enhance the look of your home, making it feel more customized to your vision and creating striking curb appeal for visitors.

A great part about stone accents is the versatility. You can opt for a natural flagstone look, or for a neat, uniformly cut style. Each of those makes a statement of their own for your home.

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Stone Veneer

These are a common option for home upfits because they make surfaces look like real stone walls and pillars, but involve less remodel work and tend to be more affordable. This kind of manufactured stone is engineered to install efficiently and be indistinguishable from genuine stone.

Basically, these are panels of faux stone that attach to walls, columns, and other surfaces to give the appearance that the entire surface is made of stone. Modern veneers look realistic and are relatively easy to apply to home exteriors.

For instance, you don’t need to redo the entire outside of your home to benefit from the look of stone veneers; you can apply the veneers around the garage or front patio to create dramatic contrast, and leave the rest of your siding as-is.

You can also use stone veneers inside on an accent wall or to enclose a fireplace for some eye-catching results.

Natural Stone

Whether you’re building stone walls, creating genuine stone columns for a porch, or looking to create a stunning patio area, our selection of natural stone can be adapted to suit. Create a complete outdoor living solution:

  • Flagstones
  • Pavers
  • Steps
  • Gardens & firepits

Genuine Flagstone

Nothing creates a natural yet striking look for your outdoor space quite like genuine flagstone. You can use these stones to create walking paths from a driveway to the backyard, around a garden, to build up retaining walls around plants, build a firepit, and more.

Flagstone also makes a great topper for an outdoor kitchen or railing area on a front porch.

You can use the ProVia Visualizer plugin below to explore stone accent options for your home!

Reach out to us to discuss stone accent options with an outdoor decor expert in our showroom.

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