Outdoor Living & Exteriors

A comfortable, attractive outdoor living space brings the home together and extends your carefully-crafted vision of the inside to a whole new level of entertaining and relaxation.

Maybe you’re a gardener looking to create a stunning setup that brings you joy every time you step outside and look at it.

Outdoor fire table inlay

Or maybe you want to deck out your patio with an outdoor kitchen and add a stone firepit as a central point for spending time with family and friends.

If you’re looking for information on stone accents for walls, columns and other large exteriors, check out our stone accents page.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular as a way to enjoy the North Carolina weather without having to keep running back inside to check on meals.

Custom gas powered grills can fit right into stone counters and other fixtures, giving you an easy solution for cooking and entertaining. If you have a semi-enclosed patio particularly, you won’t need to worry about weather nearly as much while cooking or in between sessions.

Our outdoor kitchen options come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs. You can select larger grills to entertain larger groups, or select space-saving options where needed. You can also add outdoor fireplaces to complement the look. For more ideas, contact our showroom to talk with a specialist!

Stone Firepits

Everyone loves an evening sitting around a fire sharing stories and enjoying some quality time together.

You can build the base of the firepit with quality stone pavers, which contain (and withstand) the fire’s heat for years to come so you can rest assured about safe and responsible fire usage. Then, for a beautiful finish you can even top off the firepit with natural flagstone.

For more information about pavers and flagstone, see our stone accents page.

Completing Your Garden

If you’ve done any landscaping in the past or have watched HGTV-style programs, you’ve probably seen how big of a difference it can make to frame in your garden, trees, and other vegetation.

Natural stone pavers and flat flagstone are both beautiful ways to do this. Pavers create natural borders that make it easier to keep things tidy looking, and can even function as small retaining walls for multi-level gardens.

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