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If you’re building a new home you’re likely in the midst of a lot of decisions, and if you’re here, you’re curious about fireplace options and possibly other stone accents for the space. The flexibility that comes with a new home build is great, but it can also mean feeling a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of options.

We’re here to help make choosing the right fixtures easy.

Fireplaces & Stoves

Choosing the right fireplace design for a new home involves making some decisions, such as whether you’ll be installing a chimney and whether the fireplace is there mostly for aesthetic/mood or also for heat.

Gas and woodburning stoves can achieve similar effects, both for cooking spaces and for heating the room, and carry with them a distinct aesthetic.

Check out our Fireplaces page for details about different types of fireplaces and stoves, and then contact us to speak with an expert about your specific needs.

Stone Accents, Indoor & Outdoor

Whether you’re looking for a completely stone exterior or are looking to create accents against other types of siding, stone is a beautiful addition to a home’s exterior. The same goes for creating porch enclosures, columns, and exterior banisters. You can accomplish this look with natural stone as well as stone veneer.

For your interior, stone options can create stunning accent walls as well as ways to enclose and complement fireplaces and mantels.

See our stone accents page for more information. And if you’d like some ideas for outdoor living like cooking spaces, firepits, and patios, click here.

Complementary Fireplace Startup

We offer a complimentary service for our customers moving into their new homes: multipoint inspection, final setup, as well as fireplace care and instructions for use.

Reach out to us to discuss options with an expert in our showroom.

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