Fireplace Mantels

Mantels are as much a mainstay in family rooms as the fireplaces themselves, serving as both a focal point and as a functional shelf for pictures, mementos, or even simply as a set piece below a television. Choosing the style and material for your mantel is partially a decor choice, but can also depend on your choice in fireplace.

Natural Wood Mantels

Our custom wooden mantels are formed from reclaimed lumber. This gives each board distinct character because of its rich history, and can give your fireplace a classy and earthy feel.

We can size wood mantels to your specific needs and install them for you, whether as part of a new fireplace or as part of a remodel.

Other types of wooden mantel involves decorative designs, often seen in white and sold alongside fireplaces.

Note that if you’re planning to use a wood mantel with a vent-free fireplace, there is a minimum distance it must be placed above the fireplace to avoid creating a fire hazard.

Stone Mantels

Magra Hearth Silver Detail

MagraHearth Mantels
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Stone mantels are a beautiful addition to matching stone accents around a fireplace, giving you a durable and incredibly long-lasting material to complete your living space’s decor.

Because of stone’s natural resistance to heat, stone mantels are also ideal for vent-free fireplace designs because they create a barrier to the rising heat and protect televisions and other items commonly placed above the mantel.

If you aren’t sure which material would be best for your space, our team can answer all your questions and help you select the option your family will love.

Examples of some of the mantel models we carry:

Anderson Stone Mantel demo

Anderson Mantels

Creswell stone mantel demo

Creswell Mantels

Daytona Stone Mantel demo

Daytona Mantels

Magnolia Stone Mantel demo

Magnolia Mantels

Myrtle Beach stone mantel

Myrtle Beach Mantels

Pensacola Stone Mantel demo

Pensacola Mantels

Richmond stone mantel demo

Richmond Mantels

Tampa model mantels

Tampa Mantels

Westmore mantels demo

Westmore Mantels

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