We stand behind every fireplace and accessory we sell, and like to follow the systems we install home to home to ensure everything continues to function at its best. If you are interested in a fireplace inspection or maintenance, give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll send a technician out to examine your system.

Annual Inspections

It’s a good idea to have your fireplace inspected throughout its lifespan to ensure safety and efficiency. Because gas fireplaces burn so cleanly many people assume that means they never need to be maintenanced. Like any appliance, though, a routine inspection and thorough cleaning can go a long way toward prolonging its lifespan.

Some manufacturers recommend having your fireplace inspected and cleaned each spring, but what’s most important is that it gets done each year or so. Beyond that, the time of year that works best for your family is fine.

These inspections involve checking for:

  • Deteriorating logs – Though gas logs are durable, they do eventually break down and can sometimes get stuck on the sides of the fireplace insert.
  • Residue inside the fireplace. Build up can reduce air and gas flow and affect the fireplace’s efficiency.
  • Dirty glass and frames that can become unsightly and also affect heat output.

Reach out to us to discuss fireplace maintenance options and schedule an appointment.

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