Gas Log Sets

These realistic-looking log sets are meant to complete a gas fireplace, whether it’s a vented or vent-free design. Note that the logs you’ll need will vary slightly depending on which design your fireplace is built around, so it’s important to establish that prior to purchasing new logs. Our fireplace experts can help you with this — or visit our Fireplaces page to read about the differences in design.

Vent-Free Log Sets

Everything from the curves of the logs to the coloring and textures gives these logs an authentic look with all the convenience of a gas fireplace. Vent-free log sets create a consistent heat without any worry about flare-ups or sudden drops in temperature, heating your room efficiently. Vent-free logs can heat a room in about half the time of a vented gas log setup.

If you’re looking to remodel an existing fireplace and switch from a vented design to a vent-free system, let our team know when you visit our showroom and we’ll answer all your questions and help you select the right components for your system. 

You can browse a selection of vent-free log sets here.

Vented Gas Log Sets

Vented gas log sets can be placed into a woodburning fireplace to provide the gentle ambience of a real wood fire, but without the chore of having to continuously fetch more wood to keep the fire going.

These gas logs are meant to use your fireplace’s existing venting system, and you can arrange the logs as needed for any look that best suits your space.

Vented systems are ideal for wooden mantels or for when you have electronics and other decorations near the fireplace since the vent will prevent too much heat from building up around the fireplace’s exterior.

Browse a selection of vented gas log sets here.

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